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What to Expect From Your Next Cleaning Company

by lokkom - April 23, 2017

What to expect from your next cleaning company

For homeowners who want to have their residences cleaned, but do not have the time, supplies, or energy to do it themselves, hiring the right cleaners homeowners expect is the best way to get your home properly cleaned.

When looking for the right professionals, here is what you should expect from the services they provide.

Upfront Pricing

You should know in advance what you are going to pay for the services provided. Of course, the company will ask you a few questions about what needs to be cleaned in your home, but they should tell you how much it will cost before you agree. The last thing you want is surprise or hidden charges for their services, so only trust the companies that tell you about their charges from the start.

Variety of Cleaning Packages

While there are some variations in what professional cleaning companies provide, most of them have at least three separate cleaning packages for you to choose.

  • Standard
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Moving In or Moving Out

Standard cleanings are those that are usually repeated from week to week or whenever you schedule them for your home. A deep is best for spring cleaning or when you are having an event in your home and want it to look its best. Moving in or moving out cleanings are designed mostly for renters who are leaving their residences and want their deposits back for leaving a clean apartment behind.

You might be able to customize certain cleaning tasks depending on your needs, so be sure to talk to them about what you want.


All cleaning companies have restrictions on what they will and will not clean, so you will need to check with them if you want something out of the ordinary. For example, deep carpet stains that require special equipment to clean is best performed by a professional carpet cleaning company, not a standard maid service.

Anything that is a bio-hazard or result of pest infestation is another limitation that most cleaning companies have, so you’ll want to check with them first so there is no misunderstanding. Quite often, they will be able to recommend a specialized service for something they cannot perform.

Flexible Schedule

Whether you want a one-time deep cleaning or regular cleaning, you should be able to set an appointment with them that covers a broad section of the day. This means that they can come by in the morning, afternoon, or evening hours when it is convenient for you. The type of service provided will dictate the time it takes to properly clean your home, so you can schedule them to be there at the right time for you.

At Duty Cleaners, we offer the best cleaning packages for residents that want low, affordable prices. So, whether your home needs deep cleaning or regular service to keep it in a like-new condition, please call our offices and let our friendly, courteous staff tell you more about our services.