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Deep Cleaning Services

Spring cleaning in Edmonton

If your home needs spring cleaning, let Duty Cleaners be your professional deep cleaning that gets your residence prepared for the warmer weather or when you have guests coming over. We are the premiere Edmonton spring clean up service at low, affordable rates.

In addition to our standard cleaning, we also provide a deep cleaning house and apartment package to ensure that your living space is fully cleaned. We recommend that deep cleaning be performed annually or twice a year if you really want to get all the rough stuff out of your home.

Most people search for deep cleaning, and we believe that route can lead to unwanted headaches hiring a non professional cleaning company.

How Our spring cleaning company Works

We combine our standard cleaning package with a deep cleaning so that your home is fresh and feels like new. This takes a little extra time, but you’ll find it’s well worth it thanks to our professional staff that are fully trained to ensure your home is properly cleaned. If you decide to order deep cleaning for your home, you will get our standard package plus the following;

  • AC Power Outlets: We clean the outside panels so they look new
  • Cobweb Removal: All cobwebs are removed from the home
  • Ceiling Fan Cleaning: Your ceiling fan will be properly dusted and cleaned
  • Light Switches: Your light switches will look like new once fully cleaned
  • Vents: All vents that we can reach will be cleaned

We also detail the doors, door frames, and handles until they have that like-new appearance. This is the perfect package for your spring cleaning where we do the work and you enjoy the results.

Why Choose Our Deep Cleaning packages?

There are several reasons why Duty Cleaners should be your first choice for deep cleaning house services. We are the premiere cleaning company here to serve you and get your home cleaned thoroughly so that it feels like new.

Fully Cleaned Home: There is nothing like being in a home that has been cleaned so that all the stains, dirt, and debris have been removed from floors, countertops, and your furnishings. Our professional staff makes the extra effort to ensure that our spring clean up services are the best.

Root Out Old Dirt: Standard cleaning  is good for maintaining the cleanliness of a home, but deep cleaning roots out the dirt and debris that has been stuck inside for years. It means that your home is now fully cleaned so that it is ready for the spring to arrive.

Get Ready for Company: Spring is more than just warmer weather, it is a time when many people start gathering and inviting each other over to their homes. Our deep cleaning helps your home get ready so that when family and friends arrive they will notice you got a deep cleaning house service done.

Give us a call at Duty Cleaners and let our friendly, courteous staff explain what we do and don’t do. We will provide you with the details and answer your questions. Plus, our simple online dashboard system makes it easy to schedule an appointment online so that we come by at your convenience. Let us provide you with a spring cleaning that really gets your home ready for the summer at Duty Cleaners. The only reliable deep cleaning team are the ones who are ready to tackle any dirt or grime!

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