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Commercial Cleaning Edmonton

Commercial Cleaning in Edmonton:

To allow you to concentrate on the more important tasks in your business, you need a professional and reliable company who will look after the cleaning and other small jobs. Therefore, you need the experts at Duty Cleaners as we offer a range of services regardless of whether you work in an office, warehouse, school, hospital, or anywhere else. After contacting us and arranging a schedule, we’ll look after your building and you can focus on the clients instead!



Importance of a Clean Workplace


When potential clients visit your office, warehouse, shop, or wherever you may operate, they are in unfamiliar territory which means they take a look around. If they don’t like what they see, they will subconsciously cross your name from the list and continue their search elsewhere. If you want to prevent this from happening, you need a professional and expert cleaning service and this is where we can help.


With Duty Cleaners, you have a team of professionals passionate about our strict cleaning code. Nowadays, cross contamination is a huge problem all around the world and so we have created a code by which all our cleaners must abide. By doing this, we ensure germs can’t spread around your workplace thus keeping all clients and employees from risk of illness. In addition to this, we disinfect all high touch point areas so you’ll never have to worry about the cleanliness of your space again.


Our Services


Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of businesses with our commercial cleaning in Edmonton. If you work in an office, warehouse, or any other business location, we can meet your needs whether you’re looking to impress shareholders, clients, or even your employees. Let’s not forget, your employees don’t want to be working in a dirty office. When you have cleaners regularly visiting, your workers feel valued and can get on with their work with confidence and motivation.


We offer;


  • Business Cleaning
  • School Cleaning
  • Janitorial Cleaning
  • Warehouse Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Event Cleaning
  • Condo Cleaning
  • Show Home Cleaning


Business Cleaning – No matter what type of business you may have, our experts will use the right equipment with the right techniques to keep everything up to standard. If required, we can clean the blinds, windows, walls, toilets, carpets, counter tops, microwaves, cabinets, drawers, fridges, pictures, mirrors, window sills, and more. As you can see, we offer an extensive service and, if you contact us today, we would love to talk through your needs and arrange a regular schedule.


School Cleaning – At the best of times, schools are known for harboring germs meaning one illness can turn into a whole classroom taking sick days. Since children have weaker immune systems, you need to ensure everything is as clean as can be and we can do that at Duty Cleaners. From the tables to the floors, we will ensure your children have the safest conditions in which to thrive.


Janitorial Cleaning – Depending on your needs, this commercial janitorial service in Edmonton can include all the standard jobs each night/morning to ensure the building keeps ticking along. From restocking toilet paper to waxing the floors, this type of service can be fantastic for schools, hospitals, and many other locations.


Warehouse Cleaning – When looking for commercial cleaning in Edmonton, you need a company with experience in all different buildings and environments. With our warehouse cleaning, you have exactly this because it’s not something all Edmonton janitorial companies will offer. Once again, we can help with toilets, flooring, windows, and anything else you may need.


Office Cleaning – As we discussed earlier, the cleanliness of your office is pivotal for both potential clients and your employees. With Duty Cleaners, we know where the danger zones are including telephones, keyboards, around the desk, in the kitchen, etc. With the first two in particular, germs quickly spread from one employee to the next and soon enough you have half the workforce off ill. With a clean environment, the risk of this is severely reduced and you can be happy increasing the time spent at work.


Event Cleaning – Are you holding an event in Edmonton? If so, we know how stressful it can be getting everything back to normal whether you’re holding the event in your office or at a neutral venue. With our industrial cleaning services in Edmonton, we can take the burden from your shoulders and make sure everything is ready beforehand and is back to normal afterwards.


Condo Cleaning – Without having to worry about liability and cancellations, Duty Cleaners will create a schedule that works for you before then putting it into practice in the weeks and months ahead. As you will see in a moment, all our staff are professionally trained and passionate about what they do. For you, this means you’ll benefit from their expertise as they clean one, two, or ten condos/apartments however frequently you require.


Show Home Cleaning – For builders, a show home or apartment is vital to the success of their business because it shows potential clients just how good the service is. In order to show your work in the best light, you need a professional service to bring everything to life. As well as a complete clean from top to bottom, we will also look after flower beds, upholstery, windows, railings, lightbulbs, floors, pathways, carpets, rubbish, air fresheners, and more.


By using our fully-insured service, you can have your show home looking as good as can be which immediately removes any concerns for potential clients. With everything sparkling clean, they can concentrate on the more important things and you’ll be more likely to win the contract.


Why Choose Us?


If you’ve researched the office cleaning Edmonton market even a little, you’ll know there are many companies offering their services and we aren’t one to shy away from this. With some cleaning services for businesses, they like to pretend there isn’t any competition but this isn’t healthy. Instead, we constantly strive to improve our offering and make sure we offer the best service possible. If we do this, we know that nobody could ever top our efforts and this is where we are right now.


Professional Service – First and foremost, you need a company who shares your vision. Rather than just being ‘the cleaners’, we want to join you on your journey to greatness because we believe in the power of a clean workplace. Once we arrange a schedule and cleaning list, we’ll complete the tasks to the highest possible standard every single time.


If you’ve tried cleaning services in the past, you’ll know that many companies need micro-managing and this is a big problem. Ultimately, you want to hire a cleaning company to save you time rather than adding to it which is why we have the initiative to work ourselves. From cleaning glass to sanitising work stations, we can meet your demands without you having to worry for a second.


Experience – Over the years, we’ve seen many changes in the industry whether it’s the required training for employees, changes in cleaning products, or new laws regarding cleaning. As a result, we’ve developed the best techniques and can react to issues quickly. Whilst younger companies haven’t been tested, we’ve been through it all and come out the other side even stronger.


High-Quality Training – As you may have noticed, we take our role in the industry very seriously. Therefore, we do not allow employees onto your site without sufficient training and experience. Across the board, we have strict cleaning procedures to prevent cross contamination and various other problems. Once we recognize high touch points, we’ll give them extra attention and keep your office, school, warehouse, or any other commercial building fit for purpose.


Satisfaction Guaranteed – As a commercial cleaning service in Edmonton, everything we do is for your satisfaction so we work to meet your needs. If ever you aren’t satisfied, just give us a call and we can discuss the issue before finding a solution. Although there are given methods and techniques to cleaning, there are still some factors unique to our clients so just let us know and we’ll do our best to adhere to your requests.


Bonded and Insured – When choosing a cleaning company, you will need a service that’s bonded but we go above and beyond this. Additionally, we have employee accident coverage and liability insurance which keeps you protected just as much as ourselves.


Best Equipment and Products – Sure, the basics of cleaning are important like vacuums and dusters. However, only the best results are seen once you introduce the latest technology and we’re lucky enough to have access to HEPA multi-filtration systems as well as pressure washers, cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, and more.


With the advancements in technology in recent years, new technology has been released and studies have been carried out on cleaning products. As a result, we now know which products need to be used in certain areas and we have a fully-optimized plan that will have your workplace the cleanest it can be. Rather than using ‘multi-purpose’ cleaners, our products are specialised depending on the job at hand (just like our techniques!).





Can you clean for my business? – In short, yes. As you saw a little earlier, we provide a fantastic service for a number of commercial properties including offices, churches, schools, restaurants, hospitals, events, warehouses, condos, show homes, and whole lot more. After getting in contact, we can discuss your needs before then arranging a regular schedule to provide the cleaning you desire.


Am I protected? – Absolutely. Not only are we bonded, but we’re also insured with liability coverage in addition to employee accident coverage.


What equipment do you use? – Over the years, we’ve been developing our service according to what best does the job of killing germs within a business environment. Therefore, the products and equipment list we have is now optimized for each task and this includes multi-filtration HEPA systems, pressure washers, and many more.


I’m only a small business, do I have options? – Yes, we’re here for you. We recognize that not every business needs a full cleaning service every single day which is why we create a schedule with you depending on your needs. Whether it’s once every three days or once a week, we create a schedule that fits within your needs and budget. Hopefully, your business will grow over time and we can help you on this journey.


Why is commercial cleaning important? – For numerous reasons. First and foremost, it’s a health and safety matter. By removing germs and cross contamination, you ensure the safety of everyone who enters the building from potential clients to employees to shareholders. After this, it also allows you to build a positive reputation for cleanliness which is something everyone appreciates. With your employees, they’ll love working in a clean environment every day because it shows you care and appreciate their efforts.


How can you help schools? – As we discussed earlier, cleanliness in schools is pivotal because you don’t want germs moving from one child to the next. Therefore, a typical schedule will have an aim of killing as much bacteria as possible on the desks, restrooms, chairs, floors, windows, and many other areas. In a clean environment, students can excel without the risk of illness and fewer sick days will be taken by all.


How do I get the ball rolling? – If you’re interested in getting started, feel free to get in touch today and you’ll reach one of our experts. If you have questions, we can be contacted by email or phone today!




There we have it, Duty Cleaners is an all-encompassing cleaning service with high-quality training, equipment, staff, products, and work ethos. When you choose us, you have a partner for your business that will kill all germs and prevent cross contamination. With this in mind, you can concentrate on the more important matters and grow your business!