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Office Cleaning Edmonton

by lokkom - May 15, 2017

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How to Find the Best Office Cleaning Edmonton?

One key to running a successful business is keeping expenses down while getting the most for your money. This is true when hiring the best office cleaning Edmonton to take care of your offices or building. However, the problem that many businesses have is finding the right cleaning company for their needs.

To find the right one takes a little research and effort, but it will be well worth it as you get top quality service all for the right price. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a contract with a below-par cleaning company, especially one that has hidden fees or lacks some basic services.

Create a List

The first part of your search should be to create a list of office cleaning bodies in the greater Edmonton area. This is where you can put in recommendations from fellow business owners, but remember that what may work for them may not work for you, so do not decide until you have gone through all the steps.

Licensed & Insured

Once you have created a list, eliminate the office cleaning Edmonton companies that are not properly licensed or insured for their work. Licensing is a requirement to operate a cleaning entity in Edmonton, which means that they follow all local rules and regulations. Plus, being insured means that if they cause damage to your property due to an accident, their insurance company will cover it. Otherwise, you might be stuck with the bill.

Cleaning packages Provided

A good professional cleaner offers more than just basic cleaning tasks. There should be different packages of cleaning work that come in when needed. This also means having a flexible schedule to come in and clean before a big meeting or after a large event has taken place. You should ask about how they handle extra work when needed and how it fits in to the price that you pay.


See if the cleaning company has done training certificates or programs, if they do not, ask them how they were trained.


You can search for the reputation of the cleaning company through independent customer review sites and places like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that handle customer complaints. While even the best companies will have a few negative reviews, you are looking for a pattern of good or bad reviews that demonstrate the character of the company itself.

Warning signs are hidden fees, late arrivals, inflexibility in their cleaning schedule, and not doing a proper job. If you see a string of complaints along the same lines over several months or a few years, that should be a red flag to not use their services.


Last, but not least is the cost of the services they provide. Remember, you are not looking for the cheapest cleaning packages, but the best services at the lowest prices. Be sure to check out their package prices to see the basic services offered and for customized cleaning as well.

In the end, hiring the best office cleaning Edmonton company requires a little research and effort, but it will be worth it when you see the results.