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The Benefits of using leather conditioner for automotive seats and home furniture

by lokkom - February 5, 2018

Benefits of using leather conditioner for automotive seats and home furniture


Leather has a very beautiful detailed texture when it’s well kept clean and conditioned. A lot of people sometimes forget about the importance of leather conditioner for their furniture’s, auto seats, jackets and etc. To be able to use leather conditioner properly on leather surfaces, we have to make sure that the surface we are cleaning are free of any stains or surface dirt’s. One of the great positive aspect of using leather conditioner is that it helps leather to preserve it, so it can feel smooth to touch and comfortable to sit on throughout the age of the leather seats. That’s why we see a lot of vintage old cars, jackets, furniture’s and other leather surface type have lasted very well and they still keeping the same shine and look even after 30 years. Leather conditioner also helps the leather surfaces from UV Damages that happened from any sunlight exposure. This is a very common problem on car seats, where some owners do not actually maintain their car leather seats or home furniture specially the ones that are exposed to sunlight most of the times, and the surfaces end up getting harder and developing cracks. So if you were to ever hire a car detailing company as an example, Infinity Auto Spa & Detailing uses the best car leather seat conditioners based on our experience. They leave the shine and protection that we mention in this blog.

Applying leather conditioner overall is an easy task and doesn’t actually require a lot of time. Grab a clean soft microfiber rag and pour some of the conditioner on it, and gently rub it through the seats. Always start from one area and work your way up. Try to avoid sitting or touching on the surface for 15 min.

When it comes to picking a good home remedy product for your leather conditioner & protection, I personally have used and tried these products such as mother’s leather conditioner, meguiars, Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner which can be purchased around $10-20 range, but you will have your leather surface protected for a long time to come.